Only found out about ParkinsonTV yesterday and could not stop watching.
— Mike, Rochester, NY

At last. A go-to for PD patients that deals with valid, everyday concerns.
— Lisa, Richmond, VA

Informative, well-produced series on Parkinson’s challenges.
— Marg, Hastings, New Zealand

Your informative program helped me recognize that I was suffering from PD-related depression. I contacted my doctor the next day and am now on the road to recovery!
— Judith, Gadsden, AL

One day, I happened to encounter ParkinsonTV via MJFF. I was so excited to watch all the episodes in Seasons 1 and 2. Very informative! Soon after, I recommended that my mother take her PD medications using carbonated water.
— Yukie, Saitama, Japan

I find it comforting that this information is available for me to listen to, and re-listen to, as I deal with PD and try to determine what is best for me.
— Judy, Jacksonville, FL

If you are newly-diagnosed, this is a good start to your new life: learning about Parkinson’s and its many aspects, especially those that others can see, yet we do not see ourselves.
— Eric, British Columbia, Canada

Very valuable information for the Parkinson’s community! Highly recommend for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and anyone touched by Parkinson’s.
— Mary Jane, Georgetown, TX

This series was very interesting, and I have recommended my family and friends to watch it so they understand what’s going on with me. Thank you all for taking the time to do it!
— Sharon, Dundee, United Kingdom